What Browsers Support AVIF?

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

November 2020
Support for AVIF (AV1 Image File Format) was introduced to the mass market by Chrome 85 in August 2020. Likewise, Opera started to support in release 71. Soon, Firefox is expected to enable AVIF by default, but the feature is currently hidden behind a flag.

AVIF Browser Support by Form Factor, Smartphones, Desktop
In terms of the share of browsers and versions in use that actually support AVIF, this equates to the following by form factor:

  • Desktop browsers supporting AVIF: 16.91%
  • Smartphone browsers supporting AVIF: 11.33%
  • Tablet browsers supporting AVIF: 0.26%

Source: Mobile Overview Report (MOVR) – 2020 Q3

As the versions of Chrome used in the real world update to Chrome 85 or newer, these numbers will increase on Desktop and Smartphone. Tablets are dominated by Apple’s iPad, so AVIF will have to wait for Apple Safari to begin support before gaining any significant support.

There is a growing trend of support for AVIF, so web developers should start planning how they can use this new image format.