Frequently Asked Questions

# What is an Image CDN?

An Image CDN is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) especially built for accelerating image delivery. An Image CDN usually includes some features to optimze the images such as resizing and compression. With ImageEngine specifically you also get proactive device detection and “auto mode” which is more than 40% more effective than competing CDNs.

# Does ImageEngine scale images up?

No, ImageEngine is an image CDN that focuses on optimizing webpages by serving the smallest possible image with the least amount of quality loss. The largest image we will serve is the original image stored in the origin server.

# What is an image origin?

An image origin is the place where the original image is stored and served. ImageEngine will cache multiple copies of this original image at our PoPs around the world to ensure that your users get the most optimal image from the most optimal location.

# Can I use ImageEngine for native apps?

Yes. ImageEngine can be used in any context where images are delivered over HTTP(S). Read more about ImageEngine and native apps

# How is quality affected by image optimizations?

The visual quality - the quality your users see with their bare eyes - is not noticeably degraded. We monitor the visual quality loss programmatically by using the SSIM metric.

# How can I point my DNS to ImageEngine?

This is a feature currently offered only to our Pro tier users. You can learn how to point your DNS to ImageEngine here.

If you are interested in adding this feature to your plan, please contact our sales team.

# Can I put Akamai, Cloudfront or Cloudflare in front of ImageEngine?

Usually it is recommended that ImageEngine serve traffic directly to end users. However, there are certain cases where ImageEngine can be integrateed with Akamai, Cloudfront and Cloudflare. Contact our customer success team to learn more.

# Can I use my existing CDN as origin?

Yes, be sure to check your CDN’s settings and restrictions to make sure that it is allowed through your CDN. Contact our customer success team if you have any questions.

# How can I purge cache?

ImageEngine offers a powerful cache purging tool through every user’s account page.


# Does ImageEngine have to serve every image on my site?

We understand that every website is different and different type of images need to be treated differently. We offer a comprehensive tool on our user’s account page that allows them to customize image delivery on their website.


# What are the IP addresses the ImageEngine servers?

The ImageEngine system of hardware continuously scale up and down. The ImageEngine servers does not have fixed IP addresses. If you need a way to authenticate ImageEngine traffic to your origin servers, please reach out to our customer success team for alternatives.

# Can ImageEngine serve HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other assets?

Yes. By default we will compress non-image files as brotli files if the browser supports it.

# How many PoPs does ImageEngine have?

ImageEngine scale with the Amazon network by default. Additionally we also have Points of Presence outside of the Amazon network. The number of PoPs will vary over time as global traffic patterns change.