Delivery Address

The Delivery Address is the address pointing to ImageEngine which you’ll use in your <img> tags to refer to images. Delivery Addresses may be on a shared domain ( or customized using a domain you own.

# Delivery Address on Shared Domain Name

When a Basic tier trial account is created, ImageEngine supports HTTPS out of the box through a its ImageEngine Address with a shared SSL/TLS certificate. This shared domain and certificate will use the ImageEngine Address that is structured as *, where the wildcard (*) is a randomly-generated prefix specific to your account. For example

By default, the Delivery Address and the ImageEngine Address are initially identical. However, this default Delivery Address does not end with the domain that you own. Therefore, you may consider customizing the Delivery Address to one from your domain. Additionally, you should ensure that the customized Delivery Address has HTTPS. You will need to upgrade to either our Standard or Pro plans for this customized Delivery Address with HTTPS option.

# Adding Custom Delivery Address with HTTPS

Standard and Pro plans allow users to add custom Delivery Address with HTTPS support. Before starting the process to add a Delivery Address, make sure you have access to your DNS provider so you can add a CNAME record.


  1. Add a new engine and enter the desired custom Delivery Address.
  2. If HTTPS required for the custom Delivery Address, add a CNAME DNS record in your DNS to verify the SSL certificate.
  3. Add a CNAME DNS record to your DNS to define your custom Delivery Address as an alias to the ImageEngine Address.
  4. When DNS changes has propagated, and the custom Delivery Address is ready for use on your site.

Custom Delivery Address with HTTPS Process:

ImageEngine Custom Domain Name Process

# Add Engine

To start the custom Delivery Address process, go to the Account Summary and click on the Add New Engine button below the Engine table.

ImageEngine Custom Domain Name Process

The custom Delivery Address must be unique globally. Note that the custom Delivery Address domain name must be different from both the domain name of your website and the origin to avoid creating a loop.

Once validated, you will insert this custom Delivery Address into the src attribute of your img tags. See the Delivery Address Path Method of the implementation section for instruction on how to update img src tags.

After adding the custom Delivery Address, you will see the Delivery Address appear on the control panel domain. Next to it, you will see a Delivery Address Pending status indicator. You are now ready to start the HTTPS validation process.

# Enable HTTPS

Before routing traffic to the new custom Delivery Address, you will need to validate the HTTPS certificate record via the ImageEngine control panel. Start by pressing the Enable HTTPS button next to the new custom Delivery Address.

# Add Validation Record to DNS

ImageEngine will generate a certificate validation record. You will see a status button titled add validation record to DNS. Click on this button to see the details of the validation record. A typical certificate validation record looks like:

Record Name:
Record Type: CNAME
Record Value:

Copy and add this certificate record information to your DNS. Keep this record in the DNS for as long as the certificate is needed.

# HTTPS Pending

ImageEngine will ping your DNS to attempt to verify the certificate information. Once ImageEngine verifies the certificate from at least one of its edge servers, you will see an “HTTPS Pending” status indicator. ImageEngine needs to verify the certificate from all of its edge servers before the process is complete. This process may take up to 72 hours. Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

# HTTPS Valid

Once ImageEngine has completed the validation process, you will see the status indicator change to HTTPS Valid.

# Add CNAME to DNS

Once the HTTPS Valid indicator is showing, it is time to add a CNAME record to your DNS that links the Custom Delivery Address (your domain) to the ImageEngine Address.

ImageEngine Custom Domain Name Process

For example, add the Delivery Address as an alias of the ImageEngine Address it is associated with: In other words, must resolve to This is achieved by creating a CNAME record in your DNS for your custom Delivery Address, pointing to the corresponding * ImageEngine Address.

The DNS records are managed by your DNS provider, which may be your domain registrar or another provider.

A correct setup for Delivery Address would look like this when executing the dig command:

$ dig

If you do not have dig, you can also use nslookup:

$ nslookup

Note for Cloudflare users:

It is recommended to use the DNS only option when name servers are managed by Cloudflare. This option is toggled when clicking the cloud in the row of the domain name in the Cloudflare dashboard.

![Cloudflare DNS Record Management]((,800)

# Custom Delivery Address Ready

After you add the CNAME record to your DNS, and update your image references in the html to use the custom delivery address, traffic will start to flow to ImageEngine via HTTPS. The status indicator will change to Delivery Address Ready.