Magento 2.x Plugin ImageEngine Integration

The Magento module may be installed on Magento Commerce Cloud instances as well as local deployments.

# Installation using composer

The ImageEngine Magento module is available on and can be installed using composer:

# Install the module with Composer
composer require scientiamobile/module-magento2-image-cdn-imageengine
# Enable the module
magento module:enable scientiamobile/module-magento2-image-cdn-imageengine

Please pay attention the the supported PHP versions: ~7.1.0|~7.2.0|~7.3.0|~7.4.0

# Installation through Magento Marketplace

This guide assumes your marketplace account is synced up with your Magento 2 instance. See this article if you need help setting up access keys which are used as marketplace login credentials within the application.

  1. After adding the ImageEngine module to your marketplace account, log into the admin panel and install it. In the application menu on the left, click System and choose Web Setup Wizard:
    System Configuration

  2. Once on Wizard’s home page, proceed to Extension Manager:
    Setup Wizard

  3. To make sure ImageEngine module is available, hit refresh (1) and go to the list of extensions awaiting installation (2):
    Extension Manager

  4. Install the module:
    Plugin Installation

  5. Lastly, verify that the module is enabled. You can check its status in Module Manager section:
    Module Manager
    Locate scientiamobile/magento2-module-io in the list of installed modules and ensure that its turned on:
    Enabled Modules

# Configuration

  1. Go to Stores in the application menu and select Configuration:
    Stores Configuration

  2. You should see ScientiaMobile tab on the left.

    1. Log into your account Click on your ImageEngine service. Then click on the Summary and Usage section. Copy the “Delivery Address” from the Engines table.
    2. Paste the ImageEngine Delivery Address into the “ImageEngine media url” field . The Delivery Address should end in * . Be sure to include http:// or https:// in front of the Delivery Address. This Delivery Address should be enough to get you started. If you wish to customize the Delivery Address with one from a domain you own, then contact us about upgrading your trial and customizing the Delivery Address.
    3. Enable the module globally.
  3. Save the configuration.
    Plugin Installation

    This configuration will change the secure and non-secure base url from media files in the Magento settings. Note that the module will automatically append the media/ path to the provided domain name.

ImageEngine is now configured. Verify that images are loaded from the Delivery Address pasted into the ImageEngine media URL field. You can fine-tune the image delivery in the ImageEngine control panel.