SAP Hybris ImageEngine Integration

First, sign up for an ImageEngine account with 30 days free trial. Once you have configured your trial you will receive a Deliver Address. The delivery address can be a generic one, or a CNAME alias of your choice.

In the following example, if your current domain is, then Hybris stores images in When setting up your ImageEngine Account, you would configure the as the Delivery Address.

# Getting Started

# 1. Override Hybris’ Basic Media URL strategy

To override Hybris’ out-of-the-box media URL strategy and replace with one configured for ImageEngine, download the class from Github to your project’s core extension. If you already have a custom URL strategy, then please contact our support team for guidance on how to proceed.

Make sure its package and folder path look like the following examples:

  • Class package:
  • Folder path will be like: /trainingcore/src/com/imageengine/media/url /impl/

# 2. Define Bean For The Override Strategy

Go to your core extension’s resource folder. Find and edit *core-spring.xml to add the below bean definition that references the new imageEngineURL strategy:

<bean id="imageEngineUrlStrategy" class="" parent="localMediaWebURLStrategy"/>

Make sure above in the class attribute you have given a correct class package path.

# 3. Configure Your File

Find your in ${HYBRIS_HOME}/hybris/config/

Add the below properties to They will point your image media URL to ImageEngine CDN for image media. Use the hostname that your configures during your ImageEngine account or trial setup on the second line.

media.folder.images.url.strategy = imageEngineUrlStrategy
media.folder.images.hostname =

# 4. Build and Test the Changes

Open your Terminal

# Go to the Hybris platform dir
cd ${HYBRIS_HOME}/hybris/bin/platform

# Setup and run ant (for Linux, run "./")
ant clean all

# Start the hybris server (for Linux, run "./")

Open the home page in your browser and see the rendered image URL. When you inspect the image, It should point to the hostname URL which you have configured in
For example, a home page image tree.jpg would have an image URL of