Sitefinity ImageEngine Integration

# 1. Configure ImageEngine as a Binary Large Object (BLOB) storage provider.

In the Sitefinity backend, navigate to Administration > Settings > Libraries > Blob Storage > Blog storage providers and select Create New.

Sitefinity New Blob Storage

# 2. Configure the new BLOB storage provider.

  • Name: ImageEngine
  • Title: ImageEngine – Image CDN (You can name this whatever you would like)
  • Description: (I like to add the documentation here for future reference.)
  • Global resource class ID: This can stay blank.
  • ProviderTypeName: Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries.BlobStorage.OpenAccessBlobStorageProvider, Telerik.Sitefinity
  • Enabled: Checked

Sitefinity Configure Blob Storage

Once you’ve added these fields, click Save Changes.

# 3. Save changes and see ImageEngine within BLOB storage providers (left of your settings panel).

Sitefinity Save Blob Storage Changes

Within this dropdown you should see Parameters as an option within ImageEngine. Click Parameters and click Create new. This will open up a form asking for a key and value. The key should be cdn and the value should be the ImageEngine domain that ScientiaMobile had configured for you. Click Save changes.

# 4. Final setup of image libraries

Next, go back to the main administration page and click Content > Images from the top navigation. Here you will see all your image libraries and have the ability to create new image libraries. For each library you need to click Actions > Move to another storage and select ImageEngine. Please note that this operation may take some time if you have a large number of images.

Sitefinity Move to Another Storage

Sitefinity Image Libraries